Which z-wave switch

I bought a Fibaro Single Switch 2 FGS-213 ZW5 v3.3. It works ok with openhab2, but if i want to use the switch manually there is a noticable delay, till the lights go on.
I wanted to ask if this is normal by this Fibaro Single Switch? If yes, how is that by the other such switches from other producers?

What is “a noticeable delay” 1 second, 5?

And what is your z wave controller hosted on?

I have fibaro and aeotec relays, and I find it’s the host causing delay rather than the switches (or assume so). I’ve moved from an odroid c2 (single board computer) to an amd a6 based gigabyte brix and it’s much more responsive given it has more cores, memory and higher rate data buses.

The delay is around 0.5s.

Atm i test the item to know from which company should i buy the other 20+, so there are days where the controller not even on. I think in this case the controller have no influence on the delay if i use the switch mechanically.
The host is a dual-xeon hp server with 64GB ram.

Dear @Rintano

If 0.5s is to long for you I would suggest you test Qubinos (ZMNHAD), I already use several of them and wouldn’t say that there is delay in reaction when the physical switch is used.


Ty for the answer, i would try it.

Check if you have scene configuration enabled. If so switch needs to wait a specific time interval (I think around 0.5s by default) to see if your click becomes a double click before it knows what to do so it can proceed.

Where can i find this scene configuration?

It’ zwave parameters use habmin or PaperUI and read the device manual

I tried every Setting with Delay or On/Off where i was reading about scene…no difference
If i use the switch more time in a row, than seems the delay be less, but if i sont use it for a hour or so, than its again higher