Whirlpool dryer binding

Hello community,
I am new here, I am looking for information on how to connect my Whirlpool dryer to openhab3. It seems the only solution is through IFTTT or 3rd services like Google home… Is there any binding or other trick I can use?

Thank you


I object to having to interact between devices in the house by using servers miles away but it is the way most devices work. There are fantastic members of the community who put a lot of time and effort into reverse engineering connections and for that I am thankful because I’ve tried it with a couple of products and failed dismally.

As far as possible I try to use the bindings that provide a direct connection but I still have a few, like the socket I can only control with OpenHAB by sending a voice command to Alexa. It’s not my preference but in the end it works so I’ve learnt to live with it, whilst keeping an eye on this community to see when someone cracks the code and integrates it directly.

I suppose the other way to approach it would be to ask the guy in the shop if the dryer has an API or whether you can define the MQTT broker it subscribes to and see what sort of blank looks you get!