Whitespace and formatting changes in git?

I’ve been working on adding security support to OH1 zwave and created a branch from 8b16776f9bf7 last year. Today I was trying to merge the upstream changes into my branch, but the conflict diffs show a lot of whitespace (tabs are now spaces) and formatting changes (max line length, case statement indentation). As you can imagine this is making conflict resolution very difficult.

Couple of questions:

  1. There really was some massive code cleanup/reformatting to OH1 in the past 6 months, or am I imaging things?
  2. Is there a script I can run on my old source to convert to the new format? or should I just do it from eclipse?
  3. Sounds like the new formatter settings are bundled with the new IDE setup instructions. I haven’t been able to get that environment working but I can at least poach the formatter/code cleanup settings from there

I’m hoping if I apply the formatting changes to my branch, then merge from upstream, the diffs will be cleaner.

I don’t mind putting in the effort to sync things up (I know I waited way too long to merge), but I just want to be sure I’m on the right track here…


Is it worth starting with the latest code and manually copying your changes across?

BTW - what state is the security command class support in? I know there are a LOT of people hanging out for this. You could well become a bit of a cult hero!! :wink:

Yeah, think I will just start fresh and do as you suggested. Be a good time to review my changes anyway.