Who can see notices?

I’m starting to play with notices using rules and wondering if I misunderstand the point of it, or a better way to do it. I have myopenhab.org setup, I have my user account setup and my phone is listed as a device.

rule “MyQ Door Notification”
Item GarageDoorOpener_Doorstate changed from OFF to ON
sendNotification(“my-email-address”, “Garage Door Opened!!”)

So the above triggers, but it goes in the Notifications on the phone app. I assumed it would be a push alert or something on my phone lock screen. Can’t even begin to think of opening the OpenHAB app and looking into Notifications all the time to see if there are any notices. Any other way to do this so it’s more visible on my phone?



What kind of phone?

Have you disabled notifications for the phone app? I get full notifications on my android.

iPhone X. Phone has Sounds and badges turned on and set to show on the lock screen, notification center and banners. I only get the notifications within the app on the Notification area. Unless myopenhab.com has a push notification server setup that they are sending messages to or a text message service, hard to think the iPhone is going to receive one on the lock screen. Or if the app somehow is set to run in the background and push alerts to the screen. Other than maybe switching to an email method and email the phone’s SMS address. But not sure how OpenHAB handles these notices and if this is all they do for Apple.



I’d recommend filing an issue on the openHAB ios app repo. There are not many developers on it so I can’t promise that it will be seen or worked by anyone. It’s challenging to get volunteers to support it. My belief is that it’s because Apple raises the cost to get started too high. Also, openHAB is largely an international project and Android is much more popular in Europe and Asia than iPhone is.