Who else: Stability problems after 2-3 weeks

Just curious if it‘s me or a general problem:
Who else runs into stability problems after a while (for me: 2-3 weeks) which make a reboot necessary?
Not to mention I have to rebind Apple homekit after every reboot :-/

Not here, I run on a virtual container with 2GB of RAM and openHAB will run for months without any issues. I only restart when I am making significant config changes. This is openHAB v1.8 however.

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Ah, okay. I run OH2 on a RPi2 using the openHABian image.

Wow, only me? What chances do I have to find out why my installation keeps freezing after a while?

Openhabian on a raspian 3. I had to reboot every week. Something always does not work for me after a few days. I do not even look for errors in the logs anymore. I just hope that everything works.

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