Whole House Audio / Lighting / CCTV IP CAM with Openhab

Can some one recommend solutions for Whole house multi zone audio , CCTV IPCam, Lighting
that works with Openhab .

Hi John
I use Kodi on Raspberry Pi’s. Its quite good as I can call json requests from openhab, and also the other way get lights to dim from the xbmc binding.CCTV is a different beast, though. I use netcam for my cameras, which is kind of average asfar as cctv goes, but I can embed the image in a openhab page with a delay of about 5 secs. No idea how to get around this yet. Multizone is not so well supported by kodi, I do have multizones but cannot play syncronised without enabling the use of squeezebox server which again slows down the process of waf.

I am open to other ideas, but this is what i have been using for 2-4 yrs and its usually a steep learning curve to change.

If you setup Kodi to use a MySQL database so that all your media is shared, then you have access to multi zone audio. However as usual there are limitations. Can you explain what do you really want to achieve from your system?

I’ve been using iSpyconnet for a few years now, you are able to embed camera streams into web pages so it should be possible to integrate them into OpenHAB. I’ve not got that far yet but will be working on it over the summer.

With lighting it’s all about what features do you want and how much do you want to pay? Z Wave & X10 both have in wall modules but they require some knowledge of how lights are wired to ensure you purchase the right modules. Philips Hue bulbs are not cheap but give you more than just an on/off function. All of the built in modules need to be power at all times, so you could end up with having light switch in the on position all the time, does that work you and would the wife & kids understand how to operate them?

My suggestion would be to built out your system room by room. Find what works for you and get the integration with OpenHAB in place.

I hope that all makes sense and offers you something.