Why am i not able to display the sitemaps?

Hi to all
I’m not understand because i have this sitemap file:

sitemap sonoff label="SonoffSERCAM" {

 Frame label="SonoffSERCAM2" {

 Switch item=LivingRoom_Light2


but i have on the UI this result:

Can you help me?

The name of the file needs to match the first line of your sitemap definition, in your case your sitemap files name needs to be sonoff.sitemap

sitemap sonoff label=“SonoffSERCAM” {

But what is the difference between habpanel and sitemap?

Copy from the HABPanel Documentation

Despite being similar, HABPanel’s dashboards and sitemaps are separate concepts, and can be designed independently as they aren’t related to each other; however, they rely and act on items which must therefore be defined first.

Ok i have just read it but i’m not undestand if the sitemap is usefull for me. I want to command from the cellular by app or by tablet

It just depends on what YOU want to have/use on your devices.
Sitemaps are used when displaying your UI via a Webbrowser or via an App (IOS or Anroid). All of those UI’s do use the sitemap file(s) (for IOS I THINK, but I don’t knwo 'cause I don’t have such a device).
The HABPanel setup is different, however if can be displayed on all of those devices since it is based on a webbrowser (although there is also a HABPanel Viewer).

Controlling your items is possibel via both!