Why does my install of openhab2 #106 (2016.01.27) REQUIRE a sitemap called "demo.sitemap"?

The title says it all. Any ideas?

If you start up OH2 with the standard configuration it will download and install the demo feature. I haven’t really used the demo feature but I imagine that in addition to setting up the demo items, sitemap, rules etc it will also change the default sitemap from the dashboard to be demo.

You can edit this behavior by going to the basicui.cfg in conf/services and changing it to whatever you want your default sitemap on the dashboard to be.

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I did not realize there was a defaultSitemap setting.
Thanks as always @danielwalters86 !

In fact, I believe you can also do this from the Paper UI, if you go to Configuration > Services > Basic UI and set the default sitemap there.