Why does openhab/grafana connect to grafana.com every 10 minutes?

[13:22:54] root@openhab:~# dpkg -l | grep grafana
ii grafana 8.3.6 armhf Grafana

That is what I see in the log of my DNS server (unbound).

What data does grafana.com get from me every 10 minutes?

I did not try to read all openhab/grafana documentation in order to find the reason because IMHO Grafana/openhab should have told me at installation time why this happens, what data is transferred, who will get these data, what will they do with it. And whether this is optional.

Well, it’s not openHAB/Grafana, it’s just Grafana. It’ a third party tool created by a wholly separate organization and we have no further insight into it than any other user of their software does. You’re question will best be answered on a Grafana forum.

I see three things in the docs:
check_for_plugin_updates and check_for_updates ( every ten minutes ) and analytics ( every 24h ).
They can be disabled setting them to false in the configuration.
Data that is being sent is according to GDPR according to their documentation

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