Why does OpenWeathermap and Zwave not install with these karaf commands?

What is the correct openhab-cli (or Karaf) command to install a binding?
I used:

feature:install openhab-binding-openweathermap

I see that the binding is started for a few seconds:

 openhab> feature:list | grep -i openweather
 openhab-binding-openweathermap    │ 2.5.0  │ x │ Started  │ openhab-addons-2.5.0  │OpenWeatherMap Binding

But then I got errors in the openhab.log: :weary:

Could not update element with key openweathermap:weather-and-forecast:api:local in ManagedThingProvider, because it does not exists.

… and the binding stops, about 10 seconds later than I gave the install command.

When I install OpenWeatherMaps using the PaperUI, it works perfectly :thinking:

The same seems to happen when I try to install Chris’ Zwave binding.
Other bindings like Pushover or Telegrams work fine using feature:install.

Anyone know what I miss here?
I’m using OH 2.5.0 via Openhabian on a Rasperry Pi 3.

Thanks in advance!

I tried this again and it worked OK this time :grinning:

Indeed, this is the correct command:

feature:install openhab-binding-openweathermap

I do not know what went wrong, but it probably does not matter anymore.