Why is DWZWAVE1 "Door/Window Sensor" identified as a switch?

Is the classification of the DWZWAVE1 Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor as a switch (ON/OFF) a decision of the manufacturer/distributor or the maintainer of the binding, @chris?

The (nearly) identical DWZWAVE2 Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor would seem to have the more appropriate classification as an OPEN/CLOSED contact.

It’s a decision for the binding - or more specifically, the database entry. So it is chosen by whoever made the database entry. I would tend to agree that this device should probably be a contact, but the problem now is this is an old device, so has been in the system for a very long time, and if we change it now, it will be a breaking change - requiring people already using the device to change their configuration.

Wow, that was a quick and clear explanation–thank you! So, the PaperUI (at least in 2.5) showing nothing (neither ON nor OFF)
Screenshot 2022-08-11 at 15-31-28 Paper UI
for the DWZWAVE1 (as opposed to the OPEN/CLOSED for the DWZWAVE2 ) is correct given the classification of the binding as a switch?
Screenshot 2022-08-11 at 15-39-32 Paper UI

Would using a transformation as a profile be the way to go to get around this (mis)classification?