(why no) custom icons in system widgets?

Hi everybody!
i’m building some widgets for my new mainUI and i’m wondering why custom (or “classic” oh items) can’t be used in the system widgets like f.e. oh-button?
unless i’m completely mistaken (could be though :neutral_face:) oh:iconName can only be used with the oh-icon component, right?
i have some situations where a custom icon would fit the widget better and i’m thinking about going with a solution like this:

- component: oh-icon
    icon: customIcon
    action: toggle
    actionItem: =props.item
    actionCommand: ON
    actionCommandAlt: OFF

but this way the button / icon has no “mouseover” effect…this can probably be done with some style element but so far i couldn’t figure it out…
it would be great if somebody could tell me if i’m missing something (again) or why custom icons can’t be used in the system components/widgets :slight_smile:

best regards,

solved here: