Why OpenHAB haven't built-in feature for mobile notifications?

This capability exist in OpenHAB Cloud, but for some reason missed in OpenHAB. It’s surprising and very inconvenient, if you want to use fully local installation.

And how would that be implemented. Over the local wifi? We would need another setting in the app. You would have to ensure that your phone have a fixed IP when on the local network…

There are plenty of actions available to install and easy to set up (telegram, notify my android, pushbullet…) that you can use in order to achieve the same result with encryption for some (telegram for example) and ensured reliability.

You can always build your own openHAB cloud service and use that of course. That’s available…


In local network simplest solution is repeating UDP broadcast several times with some id.

Reliability is a question. For example, Telegram is trying to ban in my country. And nobody wants to rely on third party services for home automation.

In my opinion OpenHAB now haven’t enough capabilities for notifications/events. What if I want to make a widget for HABPanel and show notifications in real time? OpenHAB just haven’t such API now.

Yes, it’s an option, but it’s very hard to install in comparison with OpenHAB itself. First of all, it haven’t native Windows support. And also for it absent so useful thing like OpenHABian.

I just don’t understand why this functionality can’t be transferred into OpenHAB.

P.s. It’s a big project and I respect efforts of everyone involved. This post more about “how can be better” than “everything is broken”.