Why openhab ntp instead of system's ntp

In the beginning I recognized that the openhab time (I use ntp) is 1 hr off.
Now in daylight savings in EU it’s ok. Only the request.log has a different time.
I tried the suggestion below, but it did not change the one hour offset.

So my general question: When I use openhab on my raspi, why do I need an openhab ntp, if I have a systems ntp daemon running?

In general, you shouldn’t need to use the openhab NTP binding if the host operating system time is synchronized with an NTP server. I don’t know why your request log would be an hour different.

The NTP binding is mainly used, if I am correct, to display the current date/time in an item.

Thanks, @steve1,
That’ really confusing (even if I don’t use the request log very often).

In the OH2 version of the ntp binding there are less ntp requests done. It keeps for the intermediate updates the systemtime + delta from the last ntp check. In case you have a ntp deamon running the delta will always be zero I assume