Wich central thermostat to use with max! Roomthermostats

I would like to install max! thermostats in the future together with the linkable radiator knobs. But as i understand i cant use these as a central thermostat to regulate the burner of my heatingsystem. So lets say when the house is hot enough and the roomthermostats are turning off the radiators, there is no way to tell my burner to stop heating. Or when the room where my current (dumb) central thermostat is located is to hot and the burner would stop working, my roomthermostats would be useless since no more hot water can be supplied to the other radiators since the heater is off. Now my question is: wich central thermostat can i use in combination with max! roomthermostats to regulate my burner?

You wouln’t like to install Max!.
If you already own them, OK - but do not buy new ones. The manufacturer isn’t supporting them any more, and the known support forums are dead. Better use other devices.

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Ok thanks for the warning. Any alternative room thermostats with linked thermostat knobs? Something thats easy to integrate in openhab since im still a noob.