Widget display:none support?

I am designing a widget and using the F7 timeline classes. I have my first item in the widget as the icalendar current event and conditionally show it depending if there is an event on currently or not using the visible: property. From what I can see though this translates to html hidden which still renders the object but doesnt show it. This means that the next timeline event expects itself to be the second event and has a leading line which joins up to the first even which is hidden.

is there a way to use display: none rather than visible: as this wouldnt render the element at all and the second element woudl then think it is the first?

when visible

when not

Have you tried

visibility: collapsed

Not sure if it helps here, but I know that this would be the way to go in other languages

Thanks for the reply - unfortunately that style is ignored - it may be because it is for table elements only in css

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