Widget // Get Value of ID


im building my first custom widget but i cannot get the value of “room_name” that i set in widget settings.
My Code looks like this:

<section class="custom-modal-content">
  <div class="toggle-modal-button" ng-click="show_modal=true">{{itemValue('config.romm_name')}}</div>

In Widget Settings i had set an String with id room_name and i also an Default value of Test but the text wont appear. Could somebody tell whats wrong? Im using the HABPanel on iobroker

I think you are passing in the string ‘config.room_name’ instead of the object config.romm_name because of the quite marks

when dealing with items that are defined in a *.items file you pass in a string, but when dealing with something in settins (ie config) you need to pass in the object

I’m kind of new to this too so i may be wrong but try it out