Widget "ng-if" Query

Dear Community

I want to create my own widget with an ng-if query.
For this I want to compare two items defined in the settings (“action_item” and “action_command”).
However the following part of the program does not work:

<div ng-if="itemValue(config.action_item)=='{{config.action_command}}'">

What am I doing wrong?

Kind regards

I’m using it that way, but I do not comare two items, only one item against a fixed value.
Item is “Husqvarna_Connected”

<div class="row" ng-if="itemValue('Husqvarna_Connected')=='true'">

probably this works

<div class="row" ng-if="itemValue('action_item')==itemValue('action_command')">

I figured it out!
Thats how it works:

<div ng-if="itemValue(config.action_item)==config.action_command">

@HaKuNa Thanks you for your help!

Kind regards
Carlo Caprez