Widget with knob and some other items

I want to create an widget for Thermostat with item SetTemperatur and CurrendTemperatur.
I will use for changing the SetTemperatur a knob und will show directly the CurrendTemperatur on Top of that knob like in this picture:

But i sometimes try and get only this result:


I cannot remoive the space between the currendTemperature and the knob.

Post your code please.

Here my code, ist only copied from some other examples i found.
I know ist very dirty.


   <td colspan=2 style="padding: 0;"><h3 style="color: #C3D400; line-height: 20px; fontsize: 10"> {{[itemValue(config.IstTemp)]}} °C</h3></td>
<div ng-init='temp={"name": "°C", "sizeX": 1, "sizeY": 1, "fontsize": 20, "item": "EG_WZ2_WTT_HZF1_set_temp", "type": "knob", "row": 0, "col": 1, "floor": 0, "ceil": 30, "step": 1, "unit": "", "startAngle": 60, "endAngle": 300, "readOnly": false, "subTextEnabled": true, "scaleEnabled": true, "scaleType": "dots", "scaleColor": "yellow", "skinType": "tron", "skinWidth": 12, "skinSpaceWidth": 7, "rangesEnabled": true, "rangesTextColorMatching": true, "ranges": [ { "min": 0, "max": 2, "barColor": "#009FBF", "textColor": "#009FBF" }, { "min": 3, "max": 5, "barColor": "#00C392", "textColor": "#00C392" }, { "min": 6, "max": 8, "barColor": "#00C742", "textColor": "#00C742" }, { "min": 9, "max": 11, "barColor": "#11CB00", "textColor": "#11CB00" }, { "min": 12, "max": 14, "barColor": "#68CF00", "textColor": "##68CF00" }, { "min": 15, "max": 17, "barColor": "#C3D400", "textColor": "#C3D400" }, { "min": 18, "max": 20, "barColor": "#D88E00", "textColor": "#D88E00" }, { "min": 24, "max": 26, "barColor": "#DC3500", "textColor": "#DC3500" }, { "min": 27, "max": 28, "barColor": "#E00027", "textColor": "#E00027" }, { "min": 29, "max": 30, "barColor": "#E50087", "textColor": "#E50087" }, ], <pre><code> }'> <div style="width:200px;" > <div> <div><widget-knob ng-model="temp" /></div> </div> </div> </div>

Somewhat of an old thread but do you mind posting the code for the widget? I trying to find a nice knob with setpoint display as well as normal.