Widgets on HabPanel homepage?

Openhab beginner, so much to learn, so much to learn. . .
Making slow progress overall, but started looking into HABpanel; I’ve set up dashboards for the rooms, etc, not much else yet.
I’ve looked through the forum but didn’t find an answer to whether it’s possible to have widgets on the home page (or only a menu of dashboards to take you to each room, etc). My dream panel would have a kind of system “status” screen with current date and time that would also display current WX and forecasts, for example. The mind just dreams on!
If possible, point me in the right direction. If not possible, how best implement some other way. I’ve seen jpgs of others’ panels (things of beauty), just don’t know how to get there yet.


You can find many examples here :slight_smile:

I looked for the answer to the posters question. I Was unable to find it.

Any ideas? I too would like widgets on the openHAB Home Panel