Hi there!
New to this eminent forum as this question will show,

I have enviroment set up on my raspberry pi, after this i deleted the demo sitemap when i saw the functionality and then added a new one for my house.

My problem is that i dont see ANY widgets whats so ever. I guess i missed something, please advice a newbie!

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Can you post your sitemap file, items?

Im sorry, i did forget important information in my previous post , im useing the HABmin application, and this is where the widgets is not visible/ addable.

Really sorry about this,

I can of course post the sitemap file but it should contain nothing (just clicked new in the HABmin app, then no widgets is choosable).

Although Habmin is a very good place to configure for example z-wave devices or setup some item for persistence, it is not the best place to start with a sitemap.

The easiest way to add a new sitemap is to use a text editor (depending on which platform you use for editing, for example on windows it could be notepad++).

Then read the wiki for items and sitemaps and save those two files in the appropriate folders (depending on which way you used to install openhab, either apt-get or manual).

To get a quick solution put one item in your items file

Switch    Test_Switch    "Test"   <switch>    {_your_binding_hardware_ }

and name it myhouse.items and save it.

If you don’t have any hardware yet change the line to

Switch    Test_Switch    "Test"   <switch>

Now open a new file for your sitemap and add

sitemap myhouse label="My House"
Switch item=Test_Switch

and save it as myhouse.sitemap in the sitemaps folder.

Then point your browser to http://_your_ip_adress:8080/openhab.app?sitemap=myhouse (http://localhost:8080/openhab.app?sitemap=myhouse should work too)

and you should see your switch in your sitemap …

Thx sihui,
This got me started a bit more,
i will try my bindings against IHC shortly.