WiDOM Smart double switch inclusion problem, no channels

Inclusion of a WiDOM Smart double switch WDS2LEU produces a node Z-Wave Node 014 (0149:1214:0B00,1214:0C00) but no channels.

Here’s the manual:

Manual WiDom Smart double switch

A similar device is in the database: wiDom WDS2. Is there a possibility to add this switch or to adapt the existing one in order to get it entirely included in OH2.

Thanks in advance.

XML File:
network_d81eb894__node_14.xml (20.4 KB)

It is this device here.

What version of the binding are you using? I think this appeared in the database on May 4, 2019. That means it should work with OpenHAB 2.5M2.

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Thanks for the quick reaction.
It’s this version:

Z-Wave Binding

binding-zwave - 2.4.0

Do I have to change the binding version (how) or upgrade complete OpenHab2. Sorry for this question, but I am beginner with OH.

If you want to just update the binding, you can try this script.
I used it on 2.5M1 but some have used it on 2.4.I t downloads the latest binding.


I’ve installed OH2.5M2 now. The WiDom Switch was included immediately then and is working fine. Thank’s a lot for your precious assistance. Have a nice evening.

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