Wifi Dimmer

I built a wifi dimmer with an esp8266 that controls a servo motor that drives a rotary dimmer switch. It doesn’t work reliably as the servo can be a bit temperamental. There are some wifi dimmers out there, but I can’t use a cloud app. I must use cURL or wget locally to control it. I have achieved that with the esp8266, but have failed in the electromechanical realm. It looks pretty rube-goldbergish. Anyway, I really want to dump the servo. Is there anyone who has any ideas how I could do this using a commercial wifi dimmer ?

Can you get a 0v to 10v output from your board?

There’s a number of dimmers that support that type of control.

No, it is powered by usb and think 3.3v is the max. I’ll see if there some step up device that can translate 0-3.3v to 0-10v. Thanks

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There are hundreds of DMX dimmers, if you can get a valid DMX stream out of your board?
(Which is loosely based in RS485, but with VERY strict timings)

Thanks. It can do a DMX signal, the cheapest single channel DMX dimmer is over $100, but maybe worth looking into.

Does something like this help you?

It’s showing a price of £16 (which is a little lower than I’d expect, but maybe worth a try)


I’ve got one on my desk that’s waiting to be tested.

That might work, thanks. It has a 5 star review with 0 reviews !!

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Released today !
Open Source Wifi Dimmer
Have to wait til October.

Timing is everything :slight_smile: