Wifi Hotspot, any recommendations?

Hi so i have been wating for wifi 6 for two long…
i dont see anything good coming to the market soon…

i am looking for a POE , wall mounted APs for my new home…
i took a risk a bought 3, 2 handed UAPs of Unify … which are giving me issues
anyway… can anyone recoomend a good AP

i was looking at aliexpress, and there is allot of comfast , which has the chips that can work with

what do you think about openwrt
the truth is that i am more of wired guy, wifi is only for ESPs and pussys :grimacing:
i dont want to invest too much ,becuse when there will be wifi 6 i will upgrade


I am using unifiy too, and had no problems so far.

Checkout ruckus. I’ve replaced my unifi nano hd and ap ac pro with ruckus. Far better performance on ruckus and you can sometimes get them quite cheap at ebay.
They don’t require an extra controller when you run unleashed on them.
Check out the the thread on server the home:

I’ve made unleashed binding as well for presence detection.

Get a system with a proven mesh implementation. Fritzboxes are popular in Germany for this reason.

Mesh is good if you can’t use cables. Always better to have accesspoints connected with rj45/fiber than relaying on mesh. Most enterprise gear (unifi, ruckus etc) supports mesh as well but always better to use cables.

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i just wired my entire home with Cat6a, mesh is a sin for me :laughing:

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You mustn’t use mesh to connect APs. Of course you should use cables as your backbone between APs.
Mesh is about reliability for mobile or even moving endpoints.
So the priority in choosing a proper model isn’t bandwidth but flawless proven meshing.

That’s dogmatic black & white thinking which will also hit you back one day (e.g. when you discover you should better have put outlets elsewhere).

Better get the best of both worlds: have a wired backbone with all big data suckers attached, but complement it with a mesh for all mobile endpoints (IoT or not).
So my desktop computers and TV are on LAN (10 Gbps).

For mobile devices to correctly switch ap.depending on where they are, I think you refer to.roaming rather than mesh?

just hear 10 sec from what he has to say… this is for unify mesh
not sure about other mesh, maybe there are things i missed
but i dont see why i will need mesh?

That’s what I refer to yes, but that usually is called “mesh”. Mileage may vary, naming differs.
Note that AP selection is not exclusively a client thing. A meshed AP knows about the other APs and can redirect clients.

I don’t know Unify so not sure if it’s a product limitation or if that guy is just plain wrong.

Your kids don’t have YT always-on on their mobiles while running around your home ?
You never use your laptop or iPad to watch streaming contents or recordings off your NAS ?
A good mesh implementation will continuously monitor and optimize RF levels hence reliability and even efficiency of bandwidth use. So even stationary(!) devices get moved between APs sometimes.

yes pepole are runing around but this is not what mesh is for…

there is allot of this … i am taking unify as an exmpale

“fast roomaing” does not go hand and hand with mesh…
mesh system are newer so by design it will be easier to setup a good system
but going for mesh, for this small trade of ease of setup i am not sure i agree
even worse paying extra for somthing that i dont need or plan to use…

I’ve never heard someone referring to roaming with the term mesh. As far as I know mesh refers to wireless communication between access points if they cannot.be connected with cable. This is what @Gad_Ofir refers to as well as the guy in the video and myself and also in general when discussing wireless.networks.on forums.


Roaming and.mesh is.not.the same.

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Again I don’t know Unifi but - to stay with their terms - you won’t use mesh (but cables to interconnect your APs) so you likely can use that “fast roaming” feature.

You are willing to invest into WiFi 6 but not into roaming ?? [I stick with that term to avoid misunderstandings] Think twice. It’s both methods to increase bandwidth but roaming is the way more reliable and efficient one (cheaper, too).
Also it’s usually available at no extra cost, at least in consumer products.
If you choose the right one which is what this thread is about, isn’t it.

i think you miss understood the point of mesh… its rooming for the APs and not for pepole
so that means that you will need allot of AP … that are acttuly going down and up, so thay can take
advetnge of such tech … when you have Wires pre installed you already have the APs where you need them, and dont need to hoop from one to another , and in most of the cases thay will not fail…
UPS>POE… and not power from that location

No it’s right the other way round. APs don’t move, people (endpoints) do all the time.

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some APs have wheels … for exmpale cars…

this is where we need mesh and not on pre wired houses …

You wanted advice on AP selection, you got advice.
Feel free to understand by “mesh” whatever you like. I think you’re wrong but frankly I don’t care.

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Some mesh systems, including the NetGear one I have purchased, but not yet installed, can do mesh over wired.

That reminded me of this, an old slogan for HPE/Aruba Networks Wi-Fi.


You guys confuse mesh with roaming / handover.
Might be that some manufacturers say mesh when they mean roaming, but when you say mesh in the context of wifi a majority of people will assume you mean wireless communication between access points.

If your access points can communicate with eachother over a wire that goes back to the router or same switch from each access point, it is not mesh, and it is obvious that they can talk to eachother.

If you have a mobile that will connect to the AP with the highest signal, or will be disconnected from one access point, in order to be able to connect to another it’s handover and roaming.

Unifi - Prosumer grade
Negear/Asus/Tplink - Consumer grade
HPE/Aruba/Cisco/Ruckus/Juniper etc - Enterprise