WiFi LED strip presets

I’ve installed a LED strip inside my living room and also connected it using a MagicHome Controller
Everything worked fine so far. Controlling the strip inside the openHAB app on my phone is perfect and I can also choose preset programs (like fade, strobe flash, etc.)

But how can I add a Widget to control these presets in HABPanel? I’ve already successfully added a switch and a colorpicker.

I think you could add a new widget of the selection variant
and put in the item that selects those presets .
But i might be wrong ,since i’m very new to OH .

Hope this helps .
(sorry for my bad English)

I tried that
Adding a new selections widget linked to the program Item but I don’t know how to configure it right.
I don’t see any programs to select.

I’m very new to OH as well, I’m just starting to redesign my house in the next few weeks.

under Choices source select server provided options

I’m sorry, there’s still nothing happening

what happens when you pres the new selection widget ?

Nothing. I add it, configure it like i’ve said but when I add it, there’s just the widget without any options. I can’t click it

that’s strange ,even if i don’t fill in anything it gives me a pop up that says
“No choices available - check widget config”

can you send a scheenshot of the config of the selection widget ,
so maybe i can spot a deferens ?

thats what my configuration looks like.
When saving this, nothing shows up inside the widget.

I’m very sorry i wasn’t of much help ,
Even if i put in a empty widget with no config when i click it i get this :

I hope someone more knowledgeable can help u better .

Well, it looks like it works now.
I’ve done nothing except waiting over night. Now I can select the given presets…