WiFi Multiplug

Hello. Been looking for network switchable multiplugs. Found this one from Sipalding, which is good. I like stuff that can link via Alexa as it means my wife and I can still use it while I figure out how to integrate it with OpenHab. However I always want to check on here as I’m aware that, good as it is, OpenHab doesn’t support everything and is probably more hit-and-miss with small companies rather than the big names like TPLink, Philips or ZWave. That said, it may be that a lot of these things use similar protocols to other products. Should I go ahead and get this or would there be other similar devices that work better with OpenHab? Ideally I’d want 3 or 4 gang with individual socket control and 2-4 individually controlled USB sockets.


As I understand it, that will only work if it’s using a chip that can be flashed with custom firmware (at which point it will stop working with the original cloud service). But unless someone has already opened one up and tried it, there’s no way to know if it’ll work.

I would encourage you to spend a little more on the TP-Link, which appears to meet your requirements. The TP-Link binding is rock solid, and they do a good job with firmware updates and overall reliability.

Zooz makes a Z-Wave power bar, but I don’t know if it’s available in the UK.

That’s exactly what I need to know. Thanks.