WiFi not connecting after first attempt

Hi All,
I am in a strange issue with RPi WiFi.
I had a scenario when my WiFi router was switched off and RPi is running. I switched on my WiFi and realized that my RPi is not connecting to WiFi until I reboot RPi.
I tried this multiple times and every time the WiFi only connects when RPi is booted post WiFi Router.

Is this something normal? For all my other computers and devices those connects immediately after the router reboots.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using RPi 4 Model B with OpenHabian 3.

Don’t know. Go to a Raspi or Linux forum if you really want to know.
Then again it only happens when WiFi is gone - and it’s clearly not normal to switch off WiFi so you’re actually asking about an XY problem. Keep your router alive and so will be your RPi’s connection.

For stability reasons I would suggest you connect it with a rj45 cable. My rpis I have ~15 deployed in my house, with openhabian, raspian, dietpi etc. They all seem to reconnect when wifi is down. But then again networks can behave very differently depending on hardware and configuration.