Wifi (Not Z-Wave/Zigbee) Motion Sensor

First let me preface. Yes I’ve googled, yes I’ve read many of the threads on here, I’ve not found an answer that I’ve been happy with. Most of the sensors on Amazon have very poor ratings as well.

I have a need to deploy two motion sensors in the house. I was hoping that the Lutron motion sensors would work as I do have a Lutron Caseta and RA2 Select setup however it looks like Lutron isn’t exposing them through the “API”. I do not have a z-wave or zigbee setup and I really don’t want to deploy one simply for one or two devices. Is there anyone out there that is running a wifi based motion sensor that has had a good level of success? One will be in a relatively small space (bonus room), one will be in a relatively large space (open floor plan living room/kitchen/exterior door type). In theory I could do a PoE based Ethernet solution at one location however pulling a wire to the second location will be complicated so I would prefer to be wifi based. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Most motion sensors are battery operates and Wi-Fi has a lot of overhead and is not as well suited as Zigbee or Z-Wave.

If you find a Wi-Fi sensor, it will likely have low battery life unless you find one USB powered.