WiFi setup on RPi3+ openHABian with special character in SSID

Dear community,

I’m totally new to all that here but I want to run openHABion on a RPi3+ and followed your instructions and since I don’t have access to a Ethernet-Port easily I put my WiFi credentials in openhabian.conf like this:

wifi_ssid=“Zwu’s WiFi”

Now when i hook my RPi up on my TV I see the booting is running fine until it tries to connect to WIFI and then fails because connection fails.
Password is correct and signal is perfect there (Router just 2m away in the same room).

I suspect that I have to use some sort of escape character in front of “’” to get it working because I just don’t know if there’s anything that could be incorrect …

Any help welcome :slightly_smiling_face:
best greetz

Don’t bother getting that to work. Change your SSID instead, or else you’re going to have the same problem with lots of WiFi devices in the future

I was thinking of that already but there are so many devices (up to 50) connected to that network without any issue ever with that SSID so I really want to avoid changing it …
Maybe someone else got an idea how to solve it without changing SSID

If you cd to /etc/wpa_supplicant and use: ls -al what does the output show?

While your there use: cat wpa_supplicant.conf and post output.