Wifi Smart Locks

Looking for recommendations for wifi only smart locks for my home. any of them work with openhab 2.3? would really like it if they already have a binding, cause, well I don’t have any idea what I’m doing without one… :slight_smile:

Hey Chase

Are you sure, you like to give the security of your doors into something unsecure like WIFI?
Personally, I’ve seperated all Acess parts from any IT components.

If somebody hacks your wifi, he can open the door easily. I dont know, if your insurance will cover this…
Dont talk about the feeling, that a stranger was in your home…


I’m interested in smart locks but the current lot seem to be “consumer friendly” and insecure. AFAIK all the major ones have been breached.

I’m less worried about my WiFi security (because I trust it) than I do about the smart lock security.

A non-Bluetooth version would be good.

If (PrecenceItem.state == ON && LockItem.state == Touched)


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well, since I’m an IT systems admin, and well, my closest neighbor is 1/2 mile down the road. :slight_smile: security of my wifi isn’t my biggest issue. being able to unlock the door remotely is… :wink: I know wifi is not very secure, but honestly where I live, well lets just say, having internet access is a bigger issue than wifi security… said with a smile not trying to be an a… hope you take it like that…

Hey Chase

Oke, I didnt say anything. It Look like you did The Risk Assessment and know The advantages / disadvantages very well…


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