WiFi Smart Valve add to openHAB?

Hi everyone,

I install openHab2.5.2 on Windows 10 and so far it’s good, I’m really newbie with this system, so i appreciate any information from your side.

Let’s begin…

I bought this…

And the issue is i want to controller without the cloud internet way just in my private lan network, i don’t remember where i read openHAB can help me with this… please tell me if i’m wrong ?

How can i add the device into openHAB ?

I forgot to mention i use the TuyaSmart app trough my cellphone to control this device…

Thanks for advance

Don’t have any of these devices, but if you search for Tuya Smart you do find quite some info related to Tuya.
Maybe this helps:




Thanks for you reply, i have a question because i’m using Windows

In this step…

1. SSH into your OpenHab Server, get into the OpenHabian Configuration and select Optional Components

Should i just enter to the ssh with the putty or maybe i must do something else ??

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When installing OPENHAB on a small device like a raspberry , this device is mostly used headless (that is without a monitor and keyboard attached to it. In order to connect remotely to it you need a SSH connection.
If you are using OPENHAB on a windows Maschine you probably have
a monitor and keyboard on that Maschine, hence you do not need SSH.

The smart valve seems to be compatible with Tasmota, so you could flash it with this software and use it locally via MQTT. Found in this Tasmota compatibility list.

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