WiFi smoke sensor with MQTT

Hi, I’m looking for advise on a smoke sensor that is WIFI and easily integrable to the OH, preferably by the MQTT
Since that is for the customer I cant just hack any sensor with ESP8622. It needs to be a product.
And preferably in a resonable price as I need 40+ of them. Shelly is supposed to have one soon (not out yet untill end of year) but maybe there is something on the market already that I missed.

Think hard about using openHAB (or any other home targeted systems) for life protection purposes in a commercial setting.

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The dumb sensor is just beeping, this one is supposed to do the same + as a bonus pass the info over wifi to the security downstairs. I’m using OH since 1.8 so I’m aware of it’s stability, and it improved a lot, I would say it is quite ready for production use. if you do not do any weird experiments.

As long as the main functionality works without the wifi part I would only be worried about battery lifetime.
Is it about just that, maintenance and maybe the extra feature of sending mqtt “Hey! Your house is on fire” :smiley:

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My comment was really about regulation, not reliability or effectiveness.
In most jurisdictions you can DIY what you like as a domestic “fire alarm”, and why not - anything is better than nothing. Just don’t try to sell it as “Fire Alarm”.

Commercial premises usually have to meet regulations and standards for a “Fire Alarm”, though.
Don’t be frightened off by that - depending on local regs, an able-bodied employee with a hand bell could meet the requirements.
On the other hand it quickly gets scarily complex if you have people sleeping on the premises (hotel, hospital).

Again, there is probably nothing to prevent you “adding value” by installing an additional smoke detecting system, to provide earlier warning, or localisation etc.
Just don’t call it a “fire alarm” or allow your customer to think that is what you are supplying. :smiley:

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