Wifiled binding send OFF to color item works only in UI?

most of my color items are tasmota/MQTT based devices (magichome ESP8285), no problem to send ON/OFF to the color item.
a newer device (magichome BLxx chip) can not be flashed so I’m forced to use the wifiled binding there. I added the Color Item to the semantic model and I can switch on/off the lights via the UI. but if I send ON/OFF via rules, the item does not change its state, although successfully logged.

2022-01-05 11:21:25.546 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemCommandEvent      ] - Item 'Grillterrasse_WandLED_RGB_Color' received command OFF

can someone confirm this behaviour? bug or problem on my side?

background info: using 2 items (switch&color) results in two lights in the semantic model, the UI shows two lights ON altough there’s only one…

If there is a problem here I would suspect it to be in the binding. When you command it on from the UI where it works, what type of command do you see in the log? An ON/OFF or an HSB type command? That could account for the difference in behaviors.

switching OFF via UI logs an OFF command:

2022-01-05 19:06:32.214 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemCommandEvent      ] - Item 'Grillterrasse_WandLED_RGB_Color' received command OFF
2022-01-05 19:06:51.955 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'Grillterrasse_WandLED_RGB_Power' changed from ON to OFF
2022-01-05 19:06:51.958 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemCommandEvent      ] - Item 'Grillterrasse_WandLED_RGB_Color' received command OFF

I did some more tests via UI and there are some more strange things:
Switch OFF on Color item shuts down the lights, the Power Item follows right after (1-2 secs delay in the UI).
Switch ON on Color item never turns on the lights and does not report any log. I have to choose a color or change brightness to turn the lights on again. a couple of seconds later the Power Item changes to ON too.

the other tasmota based lights look like this when switch OFF the color item:

2022-01-05 19:02:16.743 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemCommandEvent      ] - Item 'LED_Office_Color' received command OFF
2022-01-05 19:02:16.861 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'LED_Office' changed from ON to OFF
2022-01-05 19:02:16.862 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'LED_Office_Color' changed from 60,85,5 to 60,85,0

I think that’s going to be implemented and controlled by the binding. There isn’t anything you can do about it yourself, unless you know Java and can submit a PR to change/fix this behavior in the binding. Though there might be some technical reasons why it doesn’t work as expected.

These events are identical. They cannot on their own cause the binding to do anything different. Assuming you really are sending command from rules, and haven’t misinterpreted which log goes with your rule action, there is more to all this.