Will it be possible to edit IDs in the OH3 UI?

I know it might be hard work accessing and changing DB directly.
But if it is possible I would appreciate to give us a totorial how to do (on own risk).

The other way (I played a lot with OH3 for now) is how to create a backup und reverse.
Might these backupfiles humam readable? If so is there a chance to manipulate the IDs there before restore?

I think that it happens many time that people who are new just creatings things, stashing their hw-devices in the wall and want to clean up their setup after (might) have understood most of the basics.
Especially that it is the ID(-string) you select an Item during Scripting. In my cas ‘ZWaveNode015FGS213SingleSwitch2_Switch1’

See OH 3 Tips and Tricks, scroll down to the “Editing the JSONDB, a last resort” section.

The JSON DB is where all the stuff you’ve created in the UI gets stored. They are text files in JSON format.