Will "L41" 4 button scene controller work with Caseta Pro hub & openhab binding

According to the datasheet, the L41 controller is only compatible with Homeworks, Quantum and myRoom plus. I would like to be able to use it as an input into openhab via the caseta pro hub. Has anybody tried it, and does it work?

I’d like to be able to use the pico remote so I can control all lights in an area from one switch bank.

Hi. Did you ever find an answer on this? I’m not sure about the -L41 variant, but according to Lutron’s docs at least some PJ2-4B models should be compatible with Caseta:

Caseta controls
4B Install guide

I always thought that the final suffix on Pico part numbers just reflected the printing on the buttons, and that, for example, all PJ2-4B-* parts were the same internally. But I have no evidence to support that view. :slight_smile:

What I can tell you is that the pico thing handler in the Lutron binding will support the 4B pico if you can get the Caseta hub to recognize it.

Yes, I got it to work. In fact the combo of openhab + Pico remote gives much more control of Caseta devices than are available in the caseta app. Using a rules file, I can configure each button to do what I want, such as turn on specific lights, create scenes or control other devices.

I found the pico remotes all seem to be the same as far as openhab is concerned, its really what labels are printed on each button that affects the price. Now I just need to find the right solvent for the labels…

Great! I’m glad to hear it is working well!

Now I just need to find the right solvent for the labels…

I’m sure a lot of people here would be interested to hear about it if you do. :slight_smile: