Will OpenHAB allow me to use Insteon keypads to control other devices?

I am looking to get into some home automation. One of the first places I would like to attempt some automation is in a home theater setting. I see that OpenHAB will interface both with an Insteon hub, as well as my Denon Receiver and BenQ projector. Thus, would it be possible for OpenHAB to monitor the state of an Insteon keypad, and when a specific button is pushed, make sure the projector is on, receiver is on and set to a specific input, and dim the lights normally controlled by that keypad?

As far as the Insteon Keypad is concerned: yes. A 2487 keypad is fully supported, and openhab rules can be triggered off of keypad button presses.
Can’t speak as to the receiver and projectors.

Excellent. Thank you much. I am pretty sure the receiver and projector have full support (though I do need an RS-232-to-wifi adapter for the projector). I was primarily concerned about the keypad.