Will openHAB V3 solve this?

I’ve tried both OH and HA. In the end HA just frustrated me because I couldn’t configure the rules exactly like I wanted to. I also wasn’t able to configure the UI as much as I wanted to. For example to control my AV receiver I would have to use a media player “widget” (or whatever they are called). But that doesn’t have the controls that I wanted. With OH I could very easily just add customized buttons that I need and do what I want.

My main issue with OH is pretty much the multiple choices of UI with very different concepts that don’t work together. But at least that is getting a bit better with OH3… although not as much as one would like. Things like MQTT are also a bit weird to set up and the concept of items/things could probably be a bit simplified (even though it often works quite nicely). Persistence is also something that is way too complicated for what is actually needed in most of the cases.


For me I prefer the file approach ( .rules .items .sitemaps .things .cfg) because it allows to easily track the changes in git. So hopefully this will always be possible in OH.

What would also be nice to know is a resource comparison.
I am running OH in a docker container and this container needs most (compared to the other 12 containers) in terms of memory and CPU power:
e67a62f14c8a myopenhab 5.72% 626.1MiB / 1GiB 61.14% 0B / 0B 0B / 0B 168

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