Will the Alexa Smart Home Skill work for the new Echo Show?

As per link here will the Alexa Smart Home Skill work for this? I see this as a possible alternative to setting up a tablet that can run HABPanel on or not.

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Are there any new news here?

This would be awesome. Just got my Show

Got a show as well. Runnig habpanel on it would be awsome…

Running openHAB UI via the show, would be my first reason to buy such a thing. Can you display any webpages on the show?

Technically - it looks like

In the reference:

probably no :frowning:

Bute even:

  • a summary of all switched on devices (like on the iPhone)
  • such a list to scroll trough the rooms/items and witch them

would be already pretty cool…

I’ve got a show 8 and you can access habpanel just fine via the silk browser…doesn’t seem to work in the firefox one as it doesn’t let you select the habpanel…

Still early days in my testing but so far so good…