Will there be a "Bosch Smart Home" binding?

@shorty707 the development I did is specifically for the nefit easy thermostat.
as I understood it has many similarities, but I have not checked it, nor made any attempts to support a wider range.
As soon as it is somewhat usable, I’ll make a separate thread for it to avoid the confusion.

I think @hakan is aiming to make a more elaborate binding focussed on supporting devices from the bosch smart home eco system

Since some days before Christmas there is a description of the Bosch Smarthome REST-API available - but so far only Bosch internal.
I asked when it will be made available public.

Because here is asked for two different systems:
Bosch smart home and BSH Home Connect:
I try to implement a Bosch Home Connect binding for the household devices at the moment.

Hello @marcel_verpaalen, did you ever continue work on this binding?

Hi @stfn82 unfortunately I was not able to make the sending of commands messaging working in the same way the device expects.
The libs (smack) I used send valid messages, whereas the device expects some non-standard behavior I did not manage to replicate. (it is mainly in the way & signs are coded and the CR & LF’s. If smack lib allowed to do a replace of & and CR’s I would be fine)

Receiving & decrypting is fine, the strangeness of the messages can be worked around, but sending messages that don’t adhere to the standard, I did not manage.

Currently the only way I see to control the device is to use the https://github.com/robertklep/nefit-easy-client and send commands through that. The have a hack to the XMPP message to transform it to be accepted by the device.

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FYI: I created a short ‘tutorial’ on how to get the Nefit Easy info in OH using the great work from Robert Klep. See here.

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Any news regarding support for Bosch Smart Home actors like the nice in-wall switches?

There finally seems to be a proper API released on github:


FWIW - I just tried it out and I managed to set up a proof of concept, where I forward the state of my in-wall light switches to OpenHab:

I have not yet sent any commands to the Bosch Bridge.

This is based on nodeJs code that I mentioned in my last post and sending status updates to OpenHab via the Rest API.

If time permits, I will look into creating a proper binding for this, since the nodeJs code that I’m using now seems fairly simple and should be relatively easy to port.

For now, I’m more than happy that I can at least see the state of all the lights in my apartment in OpenHab :slight_smile:

Code: https://github.com/stefan-kaestle/bosch-openhab-proof-of-concept/blob/master/test.js

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Oh, btw. there is also this integration for IO Broker implementation:

And it seems OpenHab has an IO Broker binding. So perhaps that’s another intermediate solution to get the Bosch Smart Home integrated in OpenHab.


Would be nice to have an Openhab solution :slight_smile:


Okay, I started working on a binding, and I am at a point where I can get a list of rooms from my Bosch Smart Home Controller in my brand-new binding!
It’s quite messy at this point, but at least something is working :slight_smile:

It’s messy because the Bosch Controller uses Client side certificates for authentication, which as far as I can tell none of the other bindings do. It’s also messy, because the Controller itself has an invalid certificate (self-signed?).

Java SSL libraries need a keystore, that contains 1) client certificates that have been authorized by the Contoller (I’m currently using the ones that the NodeJS project generated for me) and 2) the certificates of the Controller imported and marked as trustworthy. This will be a pain in the ass to implement properly :frowning: … but one step at a time!


I have a basic setup now that works for my in-wall light switches and also the smart plug:


What remains to do is the pairing. I’m still using the pre-paired keys I have from using the nodeJS implementation.

Once I have that running, I would appreciate if somebody could test what I have been doing so far :slight_smile:

Code is here:


I have 5 Bosch Twinguard smoke detectors.


Give me a shout when it makes sense to give it a try.

I actually don’t have a Twinguard, so I don’t think I will be able to add that to the binding myself.

The API description has almost nothing about it either.

Hi Stefan, here you should find all information you need to implement the twinguard:

Just open the dropdown ‘Select a definition’ and select Twinguard.

Hope that helps!


This is excellent, thank you very much for sharing @hxmelab.

I just started a new job today, so I won’t have terribly much time to work on this binding until Christmas or so, but I’ll keep on working on it, I promise.

Seeing that the API is so well documented now and having the OpenHap Binding in progress makes me really want to buy more of these cool Bosch Smart Home devices too :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll get a TwinGuard myself :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a ioBroker running on an raspberrypi, so far the bosch-smart-home-bridge adapter for ioBroker works fine. But i would like to use openHab instead of ioBroker, so i hope there will be a binding soon :slight_smile:


Just to keep you guys in the loop: it’s getting there:

Have to work a bit more on the initial bootstrapping, but that is also getting there, hopefully. This is for:

  • In-wall switches
  • TwinGuard
  • Door/Window sensor
  • Soon: Motion sensor

Good work @skaestle! :smiley: - Additional radiator thermostat would be great! If you need testing, let me know!