Will this power strip work differently with openhab than I does with Alexa directly?

So I bought 2 of these:

Seeing that I could a) control through Alexa and b) control each port individually. (not interested in the USB)

Now I’ve read more on it and see that if I’m using Alexa, I can only control the 4 power ports together, not individually (which was specifically why I bought this one). In order to control them individually, I have to use the app. I don’t want this.

My question is, can I control the ports individually if I connect it to openHab and use Alexa to control it through openhab?

Will it function any differently through openhab vs Alexa directly?

If it wont work, and I cant control them individually with Alexa through openhab, Im going to cancel the order.


(is this the right forum for this thread?)


The power strip does work fine with Alexa, but I cannot find a way to integrate it with openhab directly. I don’t know what binding will see it and there doesn’t appear to be one for Jinvoo devices.

As above, I was hoping to find a binding that would allow me to control each outlet individually through OpenHab, as I can through the Jinvoo app. Alexa will only control the entire strip at once.

I just got the Weiliante version. Looks like there’s a few companies selling the same thing with there name on it. I haven’t figured it out yet but it’s got to be possible since the app goes over WiFi to turn ON/OFF the sockets separately. If I do figure out how I will post it.

Any updates on this?

Anyone get this binding to work to control all sockets individually!

These work great if you flash Tasmota on them (perhaps not new ones that you can buy today however, as it appears they have moved away from ESP8266).