Will Zigbee Binding now work with Conbee?

Hi there,
Starting my journey with OH3 and Zigbee. Seems like the new Conbee2 firmware now supports zigbee2mqtt meaning it can be used the same way as CC2531. What would it take to get the OH3 Zigbee Binding to support it?

They need to support the standard Zigbee protocol.

Sorry, don’t get it.
The Conbee does support Zigbee of course. Wondering whether it can be used by the binding, and if so, how to configure the Thing.

The ConBee is not supported by the binding.

In this case, is there a way to use the Conbee without Deconz, or there is no other way around it?

I thought the ConBee worked with Deconz, but I don’t know so much about it.

Of course if someone wants to implement the Conbee support for the binding, I don’t think it’s so hard as I did most of the work already a few years ago…

You can use Zigbee2mqtt, it supports the Conbee

I use the conbee 2 stick with RPi4 and the Deconz Binding, works fine.

did youhave to install the deconz software?

As far as i know yes.
And then you must connect the devonz Software with the Binding, via creating
an API Key in the devonz software.

Hello, works fine?

I have some Aqara Windows Sensor, OH3 in Docker and a seperate RPI3 with deconz. All State info works fine in phoscon. But in OH3 I get not in time the state. Which Thing-config it is necessary in OH3?
If I „Save“ thing, the State are Right.

FYI, zigpy (used by Home Assistant ZHA) and zigbee-herdsman (used by Zigbee2MQTT and ioBroker) does support deCONZ Serial Protocol which is communication interface used by ConBee and RaspBee


There’s a very long discussion here this native serial UART protocol and its now public documentation:


See these implementations deCONZ Serial Protocol native UART protocol without deCONZ application: