Wind sensor


What kind of z-wave wind meter can i use for a rollershutter in openhab?

I only know this zwave anemometer:

but that one is not suitable for controlling rollershutters because it does send the values only every couple of minutes.

I am actually using the popp z-weather anemometer to protect my blinds. The sensor is solar powered, that means it does not require any power connection.
While it is true that values are only transmitted every 5 minutes or so (under ideal conditions - e.g. sensor exposed to sunlight), you can set an emergency threshold for windspeed. If the threshold is breached, the windspeed will be transmitted immediately (also when it is dark) so blinds can be moved up for example. This has been working reliable for me so far.

During night time (or even on a cloudy day), the sensor will not be able to send regular updates every 5 minutes. The time in-between regular updates might even be several hours when there is not sufficient sunlight (but even then a breach of the emergency windspeed threshold will be transmitted immediately)

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These weather stations are not z wave but if using openhab that means you can mix techs.

They transmit every 15seconds and you can get the sensors even when your internet has gone down. You can get solar light and rain readings as well.

Didn’t know that, thx a lot!
Is this also true for rain?

There is no rain sensor on this one unfortunately.

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Is the popp working in openhab?


I use weather underground binding and was able to find a weather station within a half mile, I pull all of that data. Surprisingly its very accurate to whats happening at the house.

weather underground binding, do I need a account and does it cost money?

Yes you need account, no it doesn’t cost any money. I believe they’re starting to do away with their API, I would get on this quickly.

I would not bother with weather underground as the api is being discontinued unless you own a weather station that is giving them data. See my previous post for one that does plus allows you to get the sensor reading directly even when the internet goes down. During a storm is when you want the sensor data the most and it is also when your internet is most likely lost due to the storm.

The openhab binding for WU will most likely stop working until it is updated for the api changes which have still not been released. What level of access you will have is still not published but it may be restricted to only the data you are giving them from a station you own.