Window Contact Sensors


Does anyone know of any Z-Wave window sensors capable of detecting Open/Closed state of two windows independently? I have lots of bay windows in my house each with 2 opening windows and am trying to avoid having to buy 2 sensors for each window.


I you found one, just tell me too.

You are going to have to run wires unless you have two Z-wave sensors so I suppose, if the sensors are reed switch/magnet combinations, you could wire a separate reed switch in parallel with the one within the sensor. You’d fit the reed switch/magnet combination to the bay window without the Z-wave sensor.

You can pick up reed switch/magnet sets for a dollar each or so at Ali-Express.

I ought to add that you need to check whether the reed switch in the Z-wave sensor is NO or NC (normally open contact or normally closed) and make sure the reed switches you buy are the same.

I am pretty sure the Fibaro Door/Window sensor:

can be “extended” with an additional “magnetic contact” like this (an example):

Yes and no.

Yes, can be extended
No, this is not independent, works in parallel, you cannot sort out which window is open.