Windows 10 Firewall Blocking My Openhab?

I’m getting 504 errors when attempting to connect to my.Openhab and I can’t find a

I’m running OpenHAB 1.8.3 with the 1.8.0 My OpenHAB binding. Everything works just fine locally. My UUID and Secret match the site.

My computer is hardwired to my LAN. I’ve tried turning off my windows firewall and my router firewall, but I don’t know how to turn off my modem firewall and it doesn’t feel like I should be turning these off anyway.

Can anyone offer some troubleshooting tips for this?



I’m using my.openhab for quite a long time, but yesterday my OH server disconnected from my.openhab service and it is still disconnected, so, it could be my.openhab service problem, and not your firewall issue.

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