Windows 8.1 install, Localhost not found

Hi hoping someone can help me get openhab running. I have a windows 8.1 machine, 64bit AMD.
I had openhab up and have been in the localhost web app before and chose the STANDARD setup. I was able to download a couple of addons. Now, when I try to go back to localhost, it says it cannot find it. I have deleted and re-extracted twice, I have followed the youtube tutorials as well as the windows tutorial.


If Windows cannot find localhost there is something wrong in the operating system configuration.

What errors are you receiving?

We need more details. Please be specific. What do you mean by “when I go back to localhost”? In the browser? What exact address did you use? Have you looked in the logs for errors? Are you certain openHAB is actually running?

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According to what I did, I would type the IP of the computer hosting the openHAB,

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I tried that also, and that did the small thing.

Is openHAB running? You can execute start.bat in Windows

Yes, I can execute start.bat and the console opens. But the Web interface does not open.