Windows Home Server shutdown


I am having trouble with shutting down my Windows Home Server 2011 from OpenHAB.
The following works great to start the server, but shutdown doesn’t work.

Switch WOLServer “Server” (GF_LivingDining) [ “Lighting” ] { wol=“”, exec=">[OFF:net rpc shutdown -C MESSAGE -I -U user%%pass -s -f -t 5]" }

From a Windows computer I can shutdown the server from a command prompt, but must net use to the server first

NET USE [ \MyServer\IPC$ ](file://adx-bdr/IPC$) mypassword /USER:myuser

shutdown /t 3 /m [ \ServerName ](file://servername/)

What do I have to do to make work from OpenHAB?

I must assume OpenHAB is not running on this Windows server bit is running on an unknown machine with an unknown OS. Likely something using a platform specific exec binding is needed.

Sorry my OpenHAB is running on a Raspberry Pi 3 / OpenHabian 2.4

Note, that is an exec binding version 1.x configuration. It will never work with the version 2 exec “things and channels” binding, so be sure which you have installed.

I have installed the Exec Binding 1.x
Shouldn’t that work?