Windows Upgrade Instructions - Need to be Revised

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The current upgrade instructions for Windows users instruct you to delete an assortment of files, then copy over the new version on top of your current installation.

The instructions further state to not overwrite any files as you are only replacing the files and folders you deleted.

"Copy and paste the contents of the zip file over your existing install, when prompted do not overwrite existing files"

What happens after you complete this upgrade is that logging fails to work. You are left with a system that due to changes in the logger no longer provides any logging.

It took me quite a bit of time to look for references to this and then to implement a fix. If you had customized your logger as I had to separate logging into binding specific files you then needed to dig more to find out the new way of adding the logger and the file appender.

Is there a better way that docs can get updated or maybe centralized that once items like this are discovered the amount of search time can be reduced?

I know we are working with bleeding edge stuff sometimes…but it would sure ne great if we could reduce some of the bleeding.

Not a rant…just an observation.


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You should read posts dedicated to you:


If you have found something wrong/missing in the docs is the place to mention it.

And of course you are welcome to help improving the docs by yourself.


I did and the post was of great value. But I spent a great deal of time looking before I posted. I try and ask for help only after I have exhausted my self support options.

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I believe that the latest snapshot has an upgrade.bat script now that should aid in upgrading like this. I know there is a shell script but @Benjy is good at keeping this stuff working for both platforms. In either case the docs need to be updated.

refer to 2.1 Stable

There will be issues if you use 2.2 Snapshot (especially above build 1009 when the new Karaf core with log4j2 was introduced).

There has been a discussion about docu split into different versions but I couldn’t find free time to contribute to this direction :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

(we need more contributions to the docs entries :p)

There is so much to be done!



I believe that the latest update script update.ps1 handles this, it should certainly be mentioned in the docs though.


Will this script work on Windows?

This script was designed for Windows, and must be used with powershell, the release information has instructions on how to use it.

Unfortunately I don’t know much more about it than that as I am not that experienced with powershell.

Gotcha -

I guess my main concern is will it upgrade snapshot to snapshot or is it from stable to stable or stable to snapshot?

I know there has been some directory hierarchy changes.