[WIP] NGRE/JSR223 Documentation refactoring

FYI… I plan to have the helper library directory restructuring completed today, and possibly the org and repo renaming too.

I was just on my way to ask you if i can already help anywhere. :smiley:

Nothing comes to mind, but thank you! I’m first pushing a Jython update for compatibility after the ESH reintegration package name changes. I’ve made it backwards compatible too, so no breaking changes. I’ve also added in all of the other OH classes, so that no changes should be necessary when the rest of the packages are renamed. This is ready to go, but I’ve been going through every file and it’s hard not to do some housekeeping while I’m in there!

Any ideas when this will be available?

Should be before tomorrow morning (ET), but probably much sooner!

Awesome. I’m having some troubles with the hello_world.py example (specifically it not being parsed because OH doesn’t seem to see the core modules under /lib/python - I get Error during evaluation of script 'file:/openhab/conf/automation/jsr223/personal/hello_world.py': ImportError: No module named core in <script> ) and I’m hoping that this will fix it, or at least rule out it being related to package names.

Open another topic (tagged with jsr223) and see what I can do to help. That does not sound like it would be caused by the package renaming.

@5iver I’ve pulled your latest changes and it all seems to be working now :slight_smile: no need to open a new thread.

Edit: And forgive me for being so rude, many thanks for this!

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Before the helper library doc rewrite, I had separated out all of the information that was just about scripted automation or common to all languages. These changes ended up being used in the helper library doc rewrite, but it was lumped back in with everything else. I’d now like to get back to separating this information and submitting the other changes I have for the OH scripted automation docs.

@Confectrician, have you been able to add the tabs? If this is possible, I’d like to move most of the installation section, Event Object Attributes, Raw API, and most of But How Do I to the OH docs, and link to that info from the helper library docs.

At the same time though, part of me feels that it is better to have all of this information in the same place…

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Nope sorry, i didn’t even start investigation, due to my work situation at the moment.

OK… I’ll still look at what I can do for the OH docs, but will hold off on a major rewrite.