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Hello all,
i am looking for home automation and i found openHAB and i am pretty impressed (just started with such subject). my project: i build a Bus to a RV, therefore i want to build some logic and automation. but, and there the issue starts, i dont want any funk or WLAN or bluetooth in the bus (i have round about 50 devices and the bus would shine like a star with so much waves). i am only interested in wired solution. now the question: how to get, for example, the light to an IP address and any standard protocol used from openHAB ? is there any solution for that ?
what needs to be automated: lights (LED), TV, Motion sensors, Cameras (with save to the drives), heating, water, Powerplug, and some what i have forgotten about.
thx for your input.

nobody any idea ?

can you give more details regarding “i build a Bus to a RV”

hey, thx for your answer.
i bought a doppledecker bus and change it to an mobilehome or RV. for the electric installations in the bus i want all hardware based on wired (cable) connection and not with funk connection (also not bluthooth or any other non_wired connection). i want to manage and program every light but i only can find light with i can switch on with mobile (how stupid is that). the question left: how can i do that ? is there a solution for that ?

So you really want to install a wired bus in your mobile home??
It is hard to imagine that you will have about 50 devices in your RV.

round about 10 lights in ground floor, round about 20 lights in the top floor - round about 30 in complete, heater, 6 termometers, round about 5 x 220v power, freezer, solar, usb, computers and monitors, lifts, kitchen equipment, …
out of the top of my head.

Sounds like a cool project.

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking, but there really isn’t one single standard for what works with openHAB- that’s the strength. My house is a mixture of z-wave, Hue, and DMX lights and they work together really well.

I have never built or owned a skoolie but I think it’s an interesting concept. If it were me, I’d probably run mostly with 12v lights that run native on the same voltage as the vehicle. In that case, DMX is a great option for controlling lights.

I can’t properly sum it up on a quick post here but it’s basically a professional lighting protocol that is rock solid and is well suited for controlling lots of different points of light. For example, I can use DMX to control an RGB strip to make multiple color lights, a relay board for some non-LED load, and 120v stage lights for my family room. If DMX sounds interesting, I highly recommend just spending some time reading and watching YouTube videos- that’s how I got into it. There’s posts elsewhere on this forum for hints on connecting it to openHAB.

As an aside, check out r/skoolies on Reddit. There’s some cool examples of people doing home automation on homemade RVs just like you. Some people use Home Assistant but it’s just as doable on openHAB.

Sounds like you want a relay to allow for both manual switch and automation control. Have you looked into Shelly devices? They would meet all your requirements except the cameras.

Can I also suggest to add power monitoring as that would be important to any vehicle that is running on batteries.

Look into Shelly1 shelly rgbw2 and shelly uni


thx guys for your input
maybe i am not perfectly clear: the issue is not the Light (as example) itself (there are hundreds of solution and how to connect it to a home automation system. the issue is: i want ALL device connected ONLY per cable. if i get every single light bulb with a funk or Bluetooth, the bus has to much waves and signals. (light - cable - switch - home automation). such solution like shelly is cool, but just the rj45 is missing.

Can I ask what you mean by ‘waves and funk’?

Is this the biggest reason for going for a fully wired solution?

I think KNX is a popular wired system

wave means electromagnetic radiation.

take a look at siemens logo!8, it’s expensive