Wired security cameras

Can I use any wired Ethernet security cameras with openhab. I don’t have any yet but I want to purchase cheap wired cameras. Any suggestions?

Sure? It’s network depended not wired/wireless.
And no, I don’t use CCTV so far :slight_smile: no recommendations from me.


None unless you are more specific on your needs.
If “cheap” is the only requirement then search for “security camera” on Am*zon and sort by price.

Thank you for the information!

You’re welcome.
But seems you didn’t get my message: tell us your requirements (wired, IR, resolution, outdoor, …) because any recommendation depends on these, and noone wants to start guessing what you are looking for. It’s polite to be specific if you want help from others.

Indoor for some and outdoor for some. Motion detection, ir, and decent resolution.

Foscam has got a range to cover that. vstarcams are even cheaper, not sure if they have outdoor, too.

Okay awesome thank you!

For my own information, what would the security camera do in openhab?

Control it